Are you leveraging independent contractors in your service organization? Do you know if they are protected by insurance? You might be surprised to learn that it is not a simple “yes” or “no” question.

If you manually manage contractors, how do you know if their insurance is up-to-date or if their coverages have changed? Or if your freelancer management system (FMS) claims to protect independent contractors and the work performed on their platform, have you taken a close look at their insurance certificate to ensure that it covers independent contractors and the work being performed?

Insurance protection is a critical component in protecting your organization from risk. OnForce ensures you receive protection from the risks that could expose your organization to unforeseen costs.

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In this complimentary data sheet you will:

• Understand the risks of working with an uninsured independent contractor
• Learn about the potential damages and costs a business can encounter when a job-related incident occurs
• Read more about the industry-leading insurance protection that OnForce offers for every service event

Don’t compromise risk protection for talent when you can have both. With OnForce’s industry-leading insurance protection, general liability and errors and omissions insurance covers each service event. Additionally, every service professional engaged via the OnForce platform is covered by workers’ compensation insurance – no other platform offers this level of protection. By offering top talent and insurance coverage that no other platform does, OnForce provides the right talent at the lowest risk.

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