How are you currently accessing and managing your field service technicians? Without an effective solution, your organization could be overpaying for talent and exposing itself to unnecessary compliance risks. OnForce Freelancer Management System (FMS) is designed to help you engage, manage, and pay your independent workforce from one Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) system.

Imagine this – you need to fill several new service requests but don’t have a technician with the right skills in that area. Without a technician, your customers become frustrated and you risk losing business. By leveraging an on-demand workforce solution, like a freelancer management system (FMS), you can meet your customers’ requests, as well as – expand your organization’s coverage nationwide, decrease time-to-fill, and ultimately enhance your business.

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  • Access thousands of highly-skilled and vetted field service technicians in 99% of US zip codes
  • Fulfill a service request within minutes
  • Reduce administrative, recruiting, and training costs by 20-50 percent
  • Protect your organization from risk

The pace of business today is changing the way we work. Service organizations progressively need a highly flexible, cost-effective alternative to traditional labor models to support on demand workforce needs. This includes unanticipated surges in demand, large deployment projects, seasonal or cyclical spikes, geographic or skill set gaps, and cost-effective, low-risk tactics to fuel growth. In the area of Field Services, independent technicians are often the best suited to get these jobs done, extending your workforce—but, it can feel like a big divide between you and finding the talent you need.

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