Why Leverage OnForce APIs?

Local or regional service companies expanding geographically

Geographically limited service companies use OnForce to expand nationally. A tight integration with the OnForce platform facilitates this national expansion capability, enabling companies to access and use professionals from across the country to fulfill services needs.

Buyers looking to seamlessly manage work orders

Buyers who create and manage more than a handful of work orders per day can integrate their internal systems directly with OnForce to streamline their service management process.

Non-service businesses adding new offerings

Hardware and software companies looking to add on-site services to their product offerings leverage the OnForce professional network to support and fulfill these new services needs.

Independent developers

Consultants and technology professionals working for existing buyers or independently develop plug-ins and widgets to make work order creation and management accessible to a broader audience.

Download our API documentation to learn how to create an account, view sample code, and access detailed information about OnForce’s API capabilities.

OnForce API Capabilities

As a developer, get started almost immediately. Obtaining access to OnForce’s Web Services is as simple as downloading the API PDF documentation and following the simple instructions to obtain an OnForce Web Services access key with the help of your OnForce account business administrator.  

All activities can be managed directly through the Buyer Command Center via the Manage Web Services menu.

OnForce APIs give buyers the ability to:

  • Create work orders
  • Route work orders — either automatically or based on specific rules established by the buyer (configured on the buyer end)
  • Receive status updates on work orders
  • Respond to offers and work order clarification questions
  • Close work orders (including authorizing payment and submitting ratings)
  • Authorize spend limit increases
  • Add work order notes and retrieve updated notes

Full Security and Authentication Layer for Buyers

As a buyer, determine and manage the level of security you want to embed within your applications by setting up multiple, unique Web Service access keys from your Buyer Command Center.

For example, create separate and unique access keys for:

  • The application that runs all buying activities
  • An application still under development
  • Each widget that shows work order status information on a user's desktop

Get Started

By downloading these files and accessing OnForce APIs, you acknowledge that you agree to our Buyer License Agreement.

Step 1:

Read and agree to our "Buyer License Agreement"

Step 2:

Download the OnForce API documentation Download

Step 3:

Download the PHP, Java and .NET sample code Download

Step 4:

Work with your OnForce buyer administrator to access Web Services

For any questions or assistance please contact our Web Services team.

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