Apple Services Program


As of November 6th, 2015, OnForce and Apple have mutually agreed to end their partnership, and we will no longer provide on-site support to Apple clientele.

Apple clientele needing assistance on or after November 6th, 2015 will be referred back to Apple to ensure that they receive prompt attention and support. Customers that require onsite service should be referred to the Apple Consultants Network: Any referrals received before November 6th, 2015 will be serviced as usual.


Please refer to these FAQs for additional information:

Why are we ending our relationship with OnForce Services?
OnForce Services was a partnership that was developed to offer our customers more options for their onsite service needs. As we evaluated the model and looked at ways to match it to our current business needs, it was determined that the process would need to change. At this point, it was mutually agreed by Apple and OnForce to end the OnForce Services partnership so that our teams would be able to present a single choice for locating and initiating onsite services—the Apple Consultants Network.

What can we tell our customers?
On November 6, 2015, Apple Retail will end its partnership with OnForce Services. OnForce, Inc. will continue operation to provide professional services, just not through a referral relationship with Apple Retail. Any existing work orders will be honored by OnForce and customers may continue to use their services should they choose to. The customer-facing website for OnForce Services will be deactivated on November 6, 2015.

I have an active opportunity that includes OnForce Services work, what should I do?
Any existing work orders will be honored by OnForce and customers may continue to use their services should they choose to.

Does this mean we can no longer work with our OnForce Service Professional?
Apple Retail should discontinue referring business to OnForce beginning November 6, 2015. Active Opportunities with onsite service needs should be referred to the Apple Consultants Network. See for more information.

What will happen with the OnForce Services Partner Portal?
The OnForce Services Partner Portal will be shut down on November 6, 2015. All customer data will be archived by Market Support and OnForce Services will destroy the data to protect customer privacy. Market Support may use the customer information in order to improve onsite service offerings in the future.