OnForce is a freelancer management system (FMS) connecting talented contract IT field services professionals directly to the companies that need them.

OnForce FMS provides you with an efficient way to search for, engage with, manage, and pay independent field services professionals. With access to a vetted network of thousands of highly rated, skilled, and insured contract IT field services technicians, OnForce FMS helps you optimize costs, expand coverage areas, simplify project management, and reduce risks. OnForce manages the independent professional relationships and stands between you and government agencies to help mitigate risks related to worker misclassification.

While OnForce’s core business focuses on onsite, field services engagements, such as installations and break/fix work, we can also support your remote IT needs. Unlike work that is performed on location or at various job sites, use OnForce to source, manage, and pay technicians for remote work, including IT help desk, PC and laptop support.

Instantly gain access to thousands of the most qualified IT field service professionals across the U.S. and Canada.

Does your company have a unique support offering? Are you looking for a more integrated business solution? OnForce will work with you to develop the best solution to meet your needs.

Already have a network of preferred pros? Add your known talent pool to OnForce for better management and oversight while giving your technicians access to our technology and mobile app capabilities.
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How It Works

OnForce makes it easy to connect work to working professionals

Sign-Up and Fund Your Account

Create a Work Order

Select a Technician

Technician Completes the Work

You Approve Payment and Tech Gets Paid


Workforce Scalability

Manage project roll outs, unexpected demand, or seasonal spikes in your business by engaging freelancers and independent contractors on-demand. By leveraging OnForce, you can scale your workforce up or down to address changing business demands. The use of freelancers and independent contractors allows you to address gaps in skills or geographic coverage without the costs associated with a full-time employee.

Access to Qualified Talent

Find the right person for the job using our patented PowerMatch technology and bi-directional rating system. Gain access to thousands of IT field service technicians who carry certifications, licenses, and supplemental training across all field service categories. Professionals leverage our fully-functional mobile app to accept and manage work instantly.

Reduced Costs

Eliminate rogue spend by consolidating the sourcing, management, and payment of your independent workforce within one system. OnForce eliminates the need to process payments and 1099 administration manually. Experience a decrease in costs in areas such as administration, recruiting, and training. On average, OnForce customers decrease overall costs by 20-50 percent.

Risk Management

Create transparent processes based on your organizational policies and government regulations for greater control with our industry-leading protection package. Successfully manage workforce risks through worker misclassification and onsite service work insurance protection; including workers’ compensation, general liability, and errors and omissions coverage.

Learn more about our insurance protection.

Improved Efficiency

Source, engage, and manage professionals using our streamlined, web-based tools. Create automated rules and processes to increase efficiency, simplify project management, and maintain compliance. Increase customer satisfaction by decreasing time to dispatch.

Financial Strength and Stability

OnForce does not rely on raising capital to fuel growth and maintain operations. We are a subsidiary of Adecco Group, a EUR 20.5 billion Global Fortune 500 organization—the world’s largest human capital company. Our sister companies include brands that are influencing the world of human capital management, while other workforce solution providers are owned by venture capital firms who have a multitude of investments in retail, manufacturing, and home services, creating conflicts of interest.

OnForce has the highest quality and top-performing field services technicians. See our full list of Award Winning Professionals.

Application Support

Our goal is to empower our buyer community by delivering a compelling service experience that is timely, responsive, and designed to exceed expectations. Our customer support team is ready Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern Time to help resolve any technical issues with the OnForce platform.  Contact our support team.

Success Management

Our Success Management team is committed to keeping up with the ever-changing needs of your business. Your OnForce Success Manager is available to ensure that you are successful when engaging, managing, and paying your field service technicians through our platform.  They also drive continual improvement of your experience, operational efficiency, business intelligence, and value realization.

Workforce Solutions

With years of recruiting experience, our Workforce Solutions team is responsible for developing and managing our professional community. We are dedicated to building a network of the highest quality field services professionals, advocating for the community, and providing you with expert consultative recommendations and talent strategies based on your business needs.

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